beautiful pieces of congratulations

Awards that Vespera (also known as Angel Descended in the past) has won. Thank you very much to all of the award sites that have presented Vespera with these lovely marks of achievement! ♥ Click the name of the awards site to visit it.

Starlit Seas Awards
Best Fansite (click)
Most Informative (click)
Laughter Award (click)

Broken Dream Awards
The Mithrandir Award (click)
The Elven Award (click)
The Valar Award (click)

A Elbereth Gilthoniel
Best Character Site (click)
Best Elven Site (click)
Penn's Choice (click)
The Grey Havens Award (click)

Evenstar Awards
Best Character Site (click)
Visitor's Choice (click)

Crescent Illusion Awards
Best General Site (click)

The Imladris Awards
Best Appearance (click)

Site of the Month for March 2004 (click)

Whispers of the Nimrodel
Amroth - best layout (click)
Nenya - best elven site (click)

Best Character Site (click)

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