the face that reunited kingdoms

When one first looks upon Arwen, the first thing one will notice is her beauty, which is breathtaking, almost ethereal. Her hair is as dark as a river at night, and her eyes are grey, like the twilight, far-seeing and piercing. Her skin is alabaster white, and her features so finely formed, she is almost like an angel -- unsurprising, as she is actually descended from Middle-earth's closest equivalents of our world's earthbound angels, the maiar. Arwen's looks are meant to be reminiscent to those of Luthien Tinúviel, one of her foremothers, who was the single most beautiful being ever to walk upon Middle-earth. (Luthien is discussed in more depth at Ancestry, Arwen's ethnicity is discussed on this page.)

ArwenThe artist Angus McBride drew for Iron Crown Enterprises' Middle-Earth Roleplay (MERP) what is arguable the most accurate portrait of Arwen in all Tolkien fandom, shown to the right in its sketch form. Here is what I can pick up from his notes on the side of the sketch --
   "Colours alway those of twilight or the evening sky."
   "Height, about 5'8". Build; slender and girlish."

Arwen's looks, by Elvish standards, are quite rare, considering her race. Generally it was the Sindarin elves who were dark-haired (Legolas notwithstanding, he is obviously some sort of mutant :P). While Arwen does have a dash of Sindarin in her blood, her blood is mostly that of the Noldor and Edain (men). She is a glittering, poignant sapphire in a world of diamonds.

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