you MUST be bored...

I'm known as , here on the dangerous and dark internet. My real name is a dark secret, like a yonder ship, a cut running between the eyes. I'm an eternally young female elf who belongs in Rivendell, running through the archways with laughter on my lips and the wind in my hair, but alas, the powers that be thought it would be funny to put me in Queensland, Australia, and watch my human body wither in the heat.

I spend my time dreaming, writing until my hands ache, dancing like nobody's watching, gazing at the sky, coveting vanilla Coke, longing to live by the beach, and singing like a tiny silly bird.

I'm in love. {With what, with who? The skies, the stars...}

I ramble. My mind is never where it's supposed to be, but instead off dreaming of evening stars and grey ships and red sunsets, and especially boys with crystal-blue eyes.

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